Executive and personal coaching

As an executive and personal coach, I integrate techniques and thinking from business coaching, psychotherapy and counselling. Always outcome focussed, these one-to-one sessions build on the principle that it’s only once we understand what drives us, that we become available to change and growth.

Whether you want support to strategize the messaging on a complex proposition, engender greater consensus across your teams or understand challenging dynamics with others, this mix of psychotherapeutic thinking and corporate communications supports you to achieve your aims personally and professionally.

Available in packages of 6 and 12 one-hour sessions, as well as on ongoing retainer for longer-term support and goals.

“Tillie really listens. Being a psychotherapist and a business person gives her tremendous scope to look at your commercial situation, but also to lift the lid on what drives you. She is an excellent coach on how you communicate that to others too. She’s challenging to work with because she points out things you didn’t know you were doing, but if you are committed to progress, she is the right coach for you.”

– Mel, UK

“I was stuck on one particular decision about my career and I worked with Tillie to try and figure out what I should do. It was only through talking with her that I realised that I actually get stuck on the same sort of thing in every area of my life – at home, as well as at work. She supported me to see where that comes from, to reframe it, and it somehow broke the pattern for me.” 

– Erin, USA

“Everything is connected. And if you can get to the bottom of how you feel about one thing, it somehow shifts you on others. The issue I brought to Tillie was a personal one about relationships. Those sessions really changed the way I feel about it now. And as a result, I act differently in those situations.”

– Pete, UK