Consultancy and workshops

I design and deliver workshops and training programmes, communications, engagement and insight projects to help understand and motivate a range of end users. I work in the UK, US, and am open to new clients. To discuss a project or find out more about communications and personal effectiveness workshops, get in touch. 

One-to-one coaching

Every quarter I take on a small number of high-impact coaching clients, working with them individually in packages of three sessions, to help them to uncover the deeply held narratives that shape their feelings and actions.

When you are supported to understand what unconsciously drives you, you are then able to make choices and create change.


I am available for writing commissions, as well as TV and podcast appearances about my research and my own experiences. Get in touch for shows on anything about how brilliant midlife woman are, having the courage to start over, career pivots, and all the big stuff on change and personal growth.

Share your story

Are you a midlife woman with a story to tell? I’m interested in hearing from women who have gone through radical changes in their 40’s or 50’s and stepped into a more authentic, wholehearted life as a result. Whether you’ve lost love or found yourself, left work or leaned into it, I want to hear about your pivot point and how you got where you are.

Send a brief email, including your name, age, where you live and a short summary of what changed for you. If it feels like your story is a good fit, I’ll reach out to and explore the possibility of an interview.

I won’t publish anything you write in the email, and we’ll work out if you need to stay anonymous before we go ahead with anything.

Adventures in people

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