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The Digital Writing Course

Capturing your audience’s attention, pulling them into longer reads and driving them to engage with your content is a core skill for any marketeer or communications professional. This one-day course helps you understand what your target audience need from you and how to create content that increases traffic and converts into measurable actions. By the end of the day you will understand the difference between print writing and digital writing, and feel confident creating digital content that meets your organisation’s needs.

You will cover:

  • Understanding where audiences come from & what drives traffic
  • User journeys
  • What is digital copywriting and how is it different?
  • Writing for scanability
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Expressing your brand
  • Using the right language
  • Creating a memorable message
  • Structuring for success – headings and subheadings and links to pull readers in
  • Call to action – motivating and increasing conversion
  • Need to knows: Webcopy, eNews, Social media and blogging
  • Putting it all into practice
  • Feedback on your own writing
Action planning and evaluation

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